English Language TeacherMy hobbies/interests. Work is my hobby and my hobby is my work - I love getting to know my students, seeing their progress - it is a real privilege to be a part of people's lives like that. I love travelling and getting to know new cultures. I also like interacting with people learning positive new things to do. 

My educational background. I have a BA in Psychology and Education (University of Latvia) and a MA (with Merit) in Advertising and Marketing Communications (Bournemouth University). In 2006 I did my CELTA (the University of Cambridge) at ITTC (the UK) which gave me more confidence that this is the job I like and want to do.

My teaching experience. I honestly and truly believe that teaching is what I was born to do. I completely loved my experiene working for Kings Colleges (the UK) teaching English to international students from all over the world. Later I joined International House (one of the oldest groups of language schools with over 150 affiliated private language schools in 52 countries all over the world). At the moment I run my own school here in Liepāja where I teach English to all ages and levels and, absolutely LOVE it!What do you like most about ANG school. The thing I like most about working at ANG school is its warm, friendly, family-like atmosphere. 

English Language TeacherHi, my name is Mark!

About myself:   I'm  a British citizen who was born and raised in the UK.  English is my native language.



English and Latvian Language TeacherHi there, my name is Indra,

I was born and raised in Latvia, however, since primary school I have been enjoying acquiring languages and learning about different cultures. Although I have studied four languages, my one true love is English; therefore, I decided to pursue studies at the University of Latvia receiving a bachelor’s degree in English Philology.

I have been teaching English for several years and in this time I have understood that being a teacher is not just an occupation, it is a lifestyle; therefore, I am delighted to work at ANG school with like-minded colleagues.

If you asked me, what is the greatest advantage of this language school, I would have to admit that it is the teachers’ attitude. In ANG school, we care that our students reach their fullest potentials. Even though each teacher has a unique personality, brought together we have created an excellent team where every person’s strongest skills and qualities are put to use complimenting one another. The positive and cheerful atmosphere is brought also in the classroom where every student is appreciated and supported.

Latvian Language TeacherPar mani: mani sauc Arta.

Pasniedzu latviešu valodu. Raksturojot sevi, pieminēšu, ka esmu smaidīga, jauka persona, kura vienmēr atvērta jauniem izaicinājumiem un jaunām idejām.

Manas intereses / hobiji: man ļoti patīk lasīt, ceļot, iepazīt jaunas kultūras.

Mani sapņi un ambīcijas: ceļojot, sasniegt jaunus un tālākus galamērķus. 

Mana izglītība: esmu beigusi Liepājas Universitāti. Ieguvusi bakalaura grādu filoloģijā. Bet ar to viss nebeidzās, jo kopš bērnības biju sapņojusi kļūt par skolotāju. Sekojot savam sapnim, pirms 1,5 gada uzsāku studijas maģistru studiju programmā, kā vispārējās izglītības skolotājs (latviešu valodā, literatūrā un kulturoloģijā). 

Kas tev patīk visvairāk ANG school: visvairāk man patīk draudzīgā atmosfēra.

Hi everyone! My name is Egita!



English Language TeacherHi! My name is Irina. 10 Interesting Facts about me:

1. I have taught English in London and Italy.
2. I also teach English through theatre and drama.
3. I am a trained Cambridge Speaking Examiner ( PET, FCE).
4.  I was born on Feb 29th.
5. I can speak 5 languages.
6. I can dance tango.
7. I have met Maggie Smith and Dustin Hoffman, and Tobey Maguire from Spiderman.
8. I applied for a theatre course in London without telling her parents.
9. I'd like to teach in Latin America in the future.
10. Once I was asked to pretend I was Scottish at work.

English Language TeacherHi, I’m Nikita! I am a positive, optimistic and active person. I love travelling, learning languages and meeting different people around the world.Interesting facts about me:

1. I started my teaching career by working with refugees in Berlin.
2. I taught English in Vietnam and Thailand.
3. I have experience teaching music for a year in a youth house of Liepaja.
4. I believe that education is the most powerful tool in the world.
5. I love making music.
6. English was my favourite subject at university.
7. I spent a full month without talking.
8. My favourite fruit is mango.
9. Once I took a swim in the Mekong river.
10. I first started working at ANG school back in 2016. ANG school offers many possibilities to teach languages using modern technologies in a friendly place. ANG school is a perfect place where I can develop myself by learning from other experienced teachers and give my positive energy to students.



English Language Teacher Hi, I am Helen!

I’m from a small town called Widnes in the North of England, just near Liverpool. I’ve travelled quite a bit, and I love learning about new cultures and history. A little while ago, I decided to combine this with my interest in the English language and took up teaching English. I decided I’d like to move to Latvia as my grandmother was born in Liepaja and I’m really excited to find out more about the country and my family.

I enjoy reading, writing, music, and anything artistic. I’m interested in photography, and enjoy walking and finding new places to explore. 

My dreams and ambitions: I’m hoping to travel and meet some great new people, while learning more about different cultures, and improving my own language skills. 

My educational background: I have a BA in filmmaking, and I am qualified as a TEFL teacher.

My teaching experience: I worked for a year in Poland teaching students  from 6 years old and up, at all different levels. I have experience with teaching classes and groups, as well as one -to-one lessons, and teaching business English. I also volunteered with a youth group who travelled on pilgrimage each year, and I was a responsible adult for this group. 

What do you like most about ANG school: I haven't started working at the school yet, but I like the sense of community and friendship that the school has, as well as the great range of students and the teachers at the school.  

 I’m looking forward to teaching at ANG school because it seems to be a great place where everyone is looking to help each other, and that I will be able to improve and work on my skills as a teacher, all while being able to explore a new and interesting place.
English Language Teacher 

Hey there!

My name is Robert. I love writing. I just haven't published anything yet. I usually write short stories that are realistic, but when I try to write something longer it turns into a fantasy novel outline. I also used to do parkour and miss jumping around and doing backflips. My dreams and ambitions: My dream is to publish stories and novels one day. I also wish to give lectures at universities, preferably LiepU.
My educational background: I got my bachelor's degree in Education Management and English Teaching at University of Latvia. I am now studying at University of Liepaja Writing for my master's degree. 
My teaching experience: Between 2019 and 2022 I taught English in 4 schools in Riga. 

What do you like most about ANG school: That it is student focused and the rotation of groups between educators. I enjoy the happy colleagues who are very helpful. I am surprised about all the students who actually want to learn and enjoy it. 
Why do you teach at ANG school: I am naturally good at teaching and learning. I like to learn as much as I can. I am still young and filled with potential that has not yet been unleashed.